RABIA History

Rabia hospital is located in the southern part of the city of Riyadh-Kharj road against the old neighborhood housing Also equipped hospital in several sections, namely

  • Outpatient clinics, all medical specialties
  • Emergency department is working around the clock and at the highest level
  • Department of traumatic operations, which include general surgery, urology and surgery, ear, nose and throat and eye surgery and Almnzir different kinds of medical and otherwise.
  • All these sections are managed by a group of consultants and their assistants of specialists and medical staff assistance and chosen very carefully in terms of academic qualifications and practical experience Also available in the hospital the latest diagnostic equipment in the laboratory and the Department of Radiology and has three operating rooms and a number of family-centered care and nurseries for the newborn Energy capacity will reach the hospital in the near future to the seventieth of the number of beds in suites and luxury rooms as well as single and double rooms.